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issa -Sailing School

Industry: service

Company info: ISSA


The ISSA offers:

-Training and certification system for sail and power yachting - that is recognized worldwide;

-Instructor training for advanced yachtsmen and women;

-Assistance to establish a sailing school;

-Help to arrange local sailing events with international participation;

The ISSA members offer training in nearly 3.500 schools operating worldwide (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South Americas).

The ISSA offers accreditation for sailing schools. Schools accredited by ISSA are allowed to issue ISSA licenses upon successful completion of ISSA training.

The ISSA runs instructor training in a number of places worldwide. The training covers complete process including:

-Leveling up of the sailing skills;

-Teaching methodology skills;

-A lot of practical exercises;

-Practical knowledge how to set up a school.

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