Our company specializes in the field of cattle hide tanning for women, man and children footwear. The types of finish that we use are Nappa, Anilina, Buffalo, Crazy Horse, Pull Up, Barka, Nubuk, Naplak, and lacquered leather. Split: cattle, velour, lining, Crazy Horse, black covered split. Our offer includes a wide variety of finishings and colours to satisfy our customer's wishes. We also produce short series of products. Thanks to our rich machinery resources along with the most modern technology we can stay in fashion and follow the constantly changing trends. Our company has been dealing with leather tanning since 1989. It began its existence in the form of a one-man business set up by Piotr Gawroński. Along with the growing demand on leather products on the market, our company underwent a significant development. The one-man business was transformed into a civil partnership that was known on the market under the name FHUP "MAGAR" Alina Gawrońska, Monika Gawrońska, Agnieszka Gawrońska from 2000.